Since 1989, our circuit board manufacturer has brought quality, reliable boards from concept to fabrication. They are staffed with 128 workers, and their qualifications include:

UL Certified

IPC 6012 Specification
ISO 9002-94 Certified
MIL-PSR-55110 Certified


SeaFire performs 100% inspection and testing of all of our board products, prior to shipment. All boards are shipped within anti-static bags, enclosed within ESD-proof boxes. SeaFire boards come programmed with a quick start-up diagnostic, so that you may verify, upon arrival, that your board is functioning properly.

To date, we have had ZERO field failures.


SeaFire supports its products.

1 year manufacturer’s warranty

For the period of 1 year from the purchase date of our product, SeaFire guarantees the product to be free from any manufacturing or workmanship defects. At our option, we will repair or replace such a product.


We were able to count on SeaFire to help us evade outdated alternatives, relying on the fact that time is of the essence
Los Alamos
The cloud accelerator presented to be the best that I've seen. Industry veterans have developed this.
Program Lead
Northrop Grumman
SeaFire provided outstanding technical support with their embedded single board computer.
Senior Engineer
General Electric
SeaFire's board comes working right out of the box- couldn't be simpler!
Jose Escabi
SeaFire goes out of its way to ensure customer satisfaction and outstanding quality
Rick C
Electrical Engineer, MA