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Lightning Fast Cloud and Smartphone Acceleration

Technology and Commercial Applications featured in NASA Tech Briefs

December 18, 2012 (Beverly, MA) Grid-X, a SeaFire innovation, was featured in the November 2012 issue of NASA Tech Briefs. The new network acceleration technology enables ultra-high speed cloud computers and mobile streaming video while dramatically reducing power consumption. The technology was developed through federal and private sector funding, demonstrated to commercial partners, and awarded a US Patent and patent pending in 2012.

Grid-X is network acceleration technology that reduces memory requirements, CPU core resource consumption, reduces network delays per channel in multiples of 10Gbps – 100Gbps full-duplex (f-d), and was designed to scale through Terabit Ethernet. This innovation was created through novel protocol, software, and system-on-chip (SOC) design using COTS materials and transport with UDP or TCP.

Grid-X Mobile is a technology variant geared towards acceleration of smartphone video and images. SeaFire stated that the honor of being featured in NASA Tech Briefs “will help bring Grid-X acceleration technology into the commercial cloud and smartphones.”

Grid-X technology and IP are being commercialized for applications in cloud computing, HPC and enterprise network acceleration, and ultra-high speed stock market trading. Grid-X mobile is a variation of the IP that significantly increases speed of streaming video to be enjoyed by smartphone users. Additional applications include providing health professionals with quick access and viewing of patient medical images on a smartphone.

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Engineering Solutions for Design & Manufacturing
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