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Cloud Invention Ranked in Top 5%

SeaFire cloud computing technology, trademarked as Grid-X, was admitted and entered into a worldwide invention competition held by Tech Briefs. Final voting results are still being tabulated for the world’s top inventions for FY 2012. Grid-X ranks among the top 5% for the Electronics category and is presently within the top 5% out of all inventions entered.

Grid-X is system technology that accelerates the data transfer rate within local and internet-based cloud computing systems. The invention was developed through investments and federal R&D grants funding different parts of the architecture. Some of the technology was published in 2011 in NASA Tech Briefs, and then SeaFire was awarded a US Patent earlier this year. Grid-X has been demonstrated to save as much as 70% power per 10GigE channel over 10 – 100GigE, and utilizes network bandwidth exceeding 90%.

Grid-X was developed and tested for proven interoperability with open source tools that are used for high volume, high speed data transfer for distributed computing linked across the world.

Grid-X mobile is a patent-pending variant that is geared towards streaming video acceleration for smartphones.